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Go for a Holiday to Get Your Finances In Place! A Fun and Easy way to get started!

I am back in Singapore after a 3 weeks family holiday in Australia Gold Coast/ Brisbane. It was a great time to focus on my family as well as spend time reading and praying for guidance. I am going to share some photos and lessons in this post!

In my last post, I talked about 3 ways to start exercising our budgeting muscles (see post), this post, I will share why going for a holiday is such a good way to start.

In recapping how my wife and I planned our finances for this holiday, I find that it is a very good proxy of how we plan for our family’s living expenses in the shorter term. And I think that this is a good place to start for anyone who wants to become better stewards of their finances. The first step is really to know what your living expenses constitute and start to budget.

And the cool thing about planning for a holiday is that you can focus on a shorter period of time for the budgeting and planning and it seems much easier to manage. I also really do see that the whole the budget for a holiday is almost complete. This is especially because we set aside budget for FUN and Giving, which is lacking is many budgeting plan. Let’s look at the categories of budgeting in a holiday:

# 1: Accommodation

We stayed at inns, motels, cabins, farmstay, beach house, and the most nice and cosy was the bed and breakfast in Fernberg.

#2: Transportation

We rented a Nissan X-Trail. But what we did not budget for is the toll fees. The fees will be covered by our emergency/ unexpected funds.
 #3: Food
Freshly Plucked Strawberries from the Strawberry Farm
I think we OVER- Budgeted for the food, Daddy!
 My favourite foodplace in Australia is…. drum roll… Mac Donald’s. You are probably giving me the disgusted/ shock look my wife gave when i told her Mac is best. Haha, i love Mac because of the Free Wireless, the coffee, the kid’s playground. Almost every Mac comes with a Kid’s indoor playground.
Buy my favourite food is really Pizza. The Pizza Capers is really good. Heard from them there is a branch in Singapore.

#4: Fun (Activities plus Shopping)

My wife budgeted the kid’s toys shopping  and gave each of our boys “coupons” as part of their budget.

Fun can be as expensive as Dream World or as cheap as a walk on the beach or at the different types of playground!

#5: Emergency/ Unforeseen Circumstances Funds

Keeping an additional sum to deal with unforeseen circumstances in holidays and our daily lives in good. it is saving for a rainy day. We almost lost our rented twin stroller which may have costed us AUD$500 or more. But we were blessed that some kind soul returned it to the police station and we got it back a few days later.

#6: Giving

Budgeting to give is a fun thing to do as well. In holidays, we probably budget a certain amount for gifts. In our daily personal finances, budgeting a portion to give is something that gives joy as well!


Understandably, the list is different for everyone and there are other expenses like taxes, utilities, child tuition fee. But isn’t this list a good way to get started?

One key emphasis is that when we start having a plan and continue to review it, the risk of overspending becomes much lesser and we can spend with guilt.

I pray that you enjoy your next holidays and learn to plan for your finances through this fun experience!

God Bless!



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I am a Servant of God Thus, i believe that we should serve God and master money. Because the bible says, “No one can serve two masters. Either he will hate the one and love the other, or he will be devoted to the one and despise the other. You cannot serve both God and Money.” Matthew 6:24 And how do we master money? This is the purpose of my blog. To share my experiences and my struggles with money. And also my education and action towards money. To your Dreams, Sean Seah Seahseahsg@gmail.com


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